Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tour of duty in the garden

On Amazon I found a bucket of 24 big armymen in 8 different poses. I've not seen this set in Norwegian stores.

4,5" or almost 12cm tall, they're maybe a bit too big for wargaming due to fireranges etc.

Their size didn't seems too bad in comparsion With my garden railway in G/1:22.5 scale. It's narrow gauge an a german 'Heeresfeldbahn' diesel by the way.


Who really need 'garden gnomes' anymore, when you can have these superb giant figures patrolling Your perimeters?
Now they are occupying Norway's perhaps smallest garden railway.


  1. Really cool. Looking forward to follow your blog. 👍

  2. Such nice poses would also be good to have in 54mm.

  3. True!
    Nice poses and I especially like their headgear. I think it is too few 54mm army men with berets and Field- or ballcaps around.

    I was asked if I was going to Paint them, as I've done with my geming figures, but for my garden Railway I wanted just the ordinary greenmen, army men look. The Garden Railway is not to finescale standards anyway…..


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